Thursday, November 15, 2012

An example week at Darden

Welcome to Black November at Darden...when academic, recruiting, social events are all at peak, at once. Darden is famous for the rigor of its academic workload. When you add intensive recruiting to casework, you are looking at something like this (courtesy of one of my classmates):

How hectic is a typical week at Darden actually? We can take a snapshot of my personal schedule for a week in November. I think it's fair to say that almost everyone has a similarly crazy schedule.

Pink: Academic
Grey: Learning Opportunities
Blue: Recruiting
Orange: Business Project
Purple: Social 

Here are a few things to note:
- Recruiting is in full swing right now, so you can expect to see many recruiting-related events on my schedule (blue)

- As you can tell, there's a lot of recruiting for consulting in my schedule. For people interested in I-Banking or marketing, their schedule will probably look quite different.
- I actually have a pretty good balance of activities during this particular week. And we need that kind of balance - so try to make it happen!

You will learn to multi-task really well by the time you leave Darden. Being able to juggle between things is a critical skill to have and Darden pushes your limit each and every day. Everyone here are in this together. We'll survive Black November. 

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