Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Personal Invitation to YOU.

Woohoo! You found my blog. Welcome. Welcome! 

Although you might be thinking this about me: this girl has only been at Darden for a month and a half. What does she know about the school inside out? You have no idea. One month here at Darden isn't a regular one month. It's hard to believe that I have experienced all these since just 40 days ago:

  • ~40 cases in 5 classes
  • A golf clinic on 2 weekends
  • A diversity MBA conference in California
  • 2 Final exams
  • A group presentation and term paper
  • ~20 meetings with my own Learning Team
  • 7 company briefings in 1 week
  • 2 Darden Cup events (one of which my section won!)
  • Meeting with 6 different Second-Year students about career planning 
  • Countless social events hosted by various student clubs

And did I mention some cooking and baking in between? The list can seriously go on...

This IS why I come to Darden. It is fast-paced, but where in the business world isn't? That said, all of us need to bring our A game bright and early each morning. 8 A.M. every day, one of us will get cold called to start the class (and it literally happened to me once on a Monday morning...). Gone are the days when I could engage in a small coffee chat with my co-workers and warm-up for 15 mins before getting back to my desk. Everyday here is filled with new challenges and learning opportunities. I know I don't have all the knowledge right now, and this is why I am in business school. This is a transformational process and I trust the process. There is an ocean of wisdom underneath the bustling day-to-day activities. As I conquer these challenges a day at a time, I also realized that my personal limits have been pushed and augmented. Life at Darden is both the "what's going on here" and "what do they mean to you."

This blog is dedicated to all of you who are curious about Darden, who are passionate about business learning and who are committed to new challenges. It is my honor to be a part of a highly talented and motivated group of future leaders. I am delighted that you clicked on this page and I invite you to share my experiences along the way. Welcome on board --- I hope you enjoy the ride with me!

For those of you thinking about applying to Darden, COME VISIT! Seriously, just come. We are here to welcome you with open arms and you will see how Darden exceed your expectations/imagination! I can sit here and tell stories all afternoon about Darden, but it doesn't compare to seeing the live actions on grounds and meeting everyone here face-to-face.

See. You. On. Grounds.

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